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A round-up of the latest tips, tricks and techniques from around the web!

In this fifth edition of ‘Agile it!’ We explore what the future of project management is — spoiler alert — it is agile. We uncover why we need to include all team members in sprint meetings. We also find out what the 10 key principles of Agile are. And investigate some articles on working with Agile teams; additionally, we have some fun with a couple of new retrospective games. This and a whole lot more from around the net!


To kick thing off, in this article called the future of IT project management is dependent on more agility. Writer and project manager Donna Fitzgerald discusses how IT projects regardless of what methodology being used are unique and uncertain investments that require people to create and build new things. They still require talented project managers to keep things moving forward and a knowledge of Agile is paramount. Please note you will need to register and log in to read the entire article.

Blogger and agile guru Mike Cohn discusses the importance of including all team members in sprint meetings. The secret is leaving ego and politics at the door and to adopt inclusivity.


Let’s look at the 10 key principles of agile. Although an older article, Kelly Water’s discussion points are still relevant. It is good to read some context and practical use of the principles.

Working with Agile Teams

In this article called distributed agile team hacks, writer David Ayza Enero lists some important insights and rules we can all follow to make working relationships easier. This includes smooth communication, some standards, control and educating people of the agile framework.

In this article called myth: self-organising teams don’t need any help, writer Jake Calabrese discusses how all teams not only need help but the right kind of help. And a lot of it is to do with attitude and a change of mindset.

Something Fun

Continuing with the fun theme of retrospectives, I think you can never have enough games. Here is another one called effort and pain. And my new favourite: Hero’s journey.

Thanks for reading and see you in the next edition. Remember — to keep it Agile!

Luke Pivac

Agile Auckland Committee Member



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